One of a kind wearable art

Jewelry inspired by the forest's, mountains, creeks and rivers and all the plants and animals that live in them. and the spectacular beauty of the

Pacific Northwest. 

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About Us


A life long love

jewelry for me started as a kid. using oven clay to make beads putting  them into bracelets and necklaces and selling them at school and around the neighborhood to my friends and even some of my teachers.

To getting my first lamp working kit in jr high. and making glass beads till late into the night.

And then lucking out in highschoool getting one that had a great jewelry program and I just fell in love with everything about jewelry and the jewelry industry. Eventually going on to seek more training in casting and fabrication. And moving on to learn to cut diamonds at The American Institute of Diamond Cutting. And then learning  gem faceting for all other gem stones. jewelry is a passion I will continue to love and learn about for the rest of my days


local stones

At North Owl we love to use the amazing  gemstones that we have in our own big back yard from sun stones in Oregon, Ellensberg blue agate, diamonds from Canada and Montana sapphires. theres no reason to travel around the world with the bounty of gemstones right here


Project of passion

North Owl is culmination of all of these passions Jewelry, diamond cutting and gem faceting coming together to create something truly unique and special. jewelry unlike anything you would find at big chain jewelry stores. growing up in the Pacific Northwest its easy to be inspired being surrounded by so much natural beauty that you can lose your self in it 

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